Clay powder for cosmetic treatments - 10 x 20 g

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Face care | 20+ | All skin types | Weekly care

Thanks to its qualities, Clay is a natural cosmetic product of great value which can be used successfully in treating all types of skin, even the most sensitive ones (allergic, seborrheic, acne, couperose, irritated and wrinkled) and for naturist cosmetic treatments, respectively to prepare instant masks.

To obtain cosmetic masks, the special Clay Powder can be mixed with different fruit and vegetable juices, yoghurt, milk, honey, olive oil, yolk etc, depending on the skin type.
For oily skins, it is recommended to combine the special Clay with natural juices with astringent effect, such as those obtained from tomatoes, lemon, cucumbers, apricots, peaches etc, and for normal and dry skins with ingredients having moisturizing and nourishing effect: cucumbers, celery, milk, honey, olive oil, yolk.
For acne treatment prepare a mixture of Clay powder and tap water, water maintained on wheat bran, sea water, spring water to obtain a rather thick, easy-to-apply paste.

ASLAVITAL Clay Powder for cosmetic treatments has a well-defined chemical and mineralogical composition. Chemically untreated, with predominantly clayey fractions, is a complex mixture of Aluminosilicates and over 20 natural minerals: Iron, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Gallium, Nickel, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Sulfur, Cobalt, Silicon, , Titan, etc. and comes from a unique source (Pădurea Craiului Mountains - Romania)

Mixed, oily, creamy clay powder can be prepared in combination with natural juices with astringent effect, obtained from tomatoes, lemons, cucumbers, apricots, oranges, etc. The antiriding effect of fine line reduction is obtained by removing dead cells from the surface. It is recommended to apply a skin care cream suitable for your skin after removing the mask.

As for the sensitive skin around the eyes, we recommend applying caution at a distance of at least 1 cm from the base of the eye. A good choice for the eye area is the intensive eye cream and lip contour cream which also includes clay, which together with an anti-wrinkle complex provides in-kind and long-lasting benefits: moisturizing and intensive nutrition, soothing and protection, instant wrinkle effect after one day of application, cell regeneration effect and combat the cheeks and the bags under the eyes.

How can I use clay for copper? Can you recommend some masks?

For dull skin, which is a dry sensitive skin, the association of clay in masks should be made with natural oils. Clay dries the skin, so oils need to counteract the drying effect. Vitamins A, E, F can also be added.

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