Clay powder for cosmetic treatments - 10 x 20 g

9.00 € EURO

Face care | 20+ | All skin types | Weekly care

Thanks to its qualities, Clay is a natural cosmetic product of great value which can be used successfully in treating all types of skin, even the most sensitive ones (allergic, seborrheic, acne, couperose, irritated and wrinkled) and for naturist cosmetic treatments, respectively to prepare instant masks.

To obtain cosmetic masks, the special Clay Powder can be mixed with different fruit and vegetable juices, yoghurt, milk, honey, olive oil, yolk etc, depending on the skin type.
For oily skins, it is recommended to combine the special Clay with natural juices with astringent effect, such as those obtained from tomatoes, lemon, cucumbers, apricots, peaches etc, and for normal and dry skins with ingredients having moisturizing and nourishing effect: cucumbers, celery, milk, honey, olive oil, yolk.
For acne treatment prepare a mixture of Clay powder and tap water, water maintained on wheat bran, sea water, spring water to obtain a rather thick, easy-to-apply paste.

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