It all began in 1951 when Dr. Ana Aslan was assigned to a geriatric hospital in Bucharest, Romania (she was Romania's first female physician and cardiologist).

Test Patients Lived 29% Longer Than Normal! Dr. Aslan kept meticulous records on the next 111 patients for over 15 years, making sure they continued their treatment. On the average, these patients lived 29% longer than the normal life expectancy. MAO Level Drops 87%! But most doctors didn't believe one formula could help all those problems until 1973, when Dr. Joseph P. Hrachovec of the University of California found Gerovital reduced the MAO level by as much as 87%. Dr. Hrachovec was considered the top scientist in the United States in geriatric and gerontological research.

Many Doctors Confirm Gerovital's Power! Dr. David Macfarlane of USC confirmed Dr. Hrachovec's research. Dr. Arnold Abrams of the Chicago Medical School conducted a series of carefully controlled double blind tests of GH3 with very positive results that caused the enthusiastic doctor to visit Romania for more information. Works Very Fast!

An East German physician, Dr. Fritz Wiedermann, treated over 6OO patients with Dr. Aslan's formula and said, "The results were stunning and happened very fast."

To demonstrate his point about the speed of results, he showed reporters a file on a sixty-seven-year-old female patient given to crying jags, suffering from arthritis and a total inability to work, who was back on the job within one week of Gerovital H3 therapy. Within three months after beginning the treatment, her swollen hands became thin again and her arthritis pains disappeared. Hair Regains Color Two months later her hair regained its former color and began to grow in where it had fallen out. To top it all, in her sixty-eighth year, the woman's wisdom teeth appeared, "proving how extensively the regeneration had occurred in her case," says Wiedermann.

Sex Life Renewed!

Ken Glen of St. Petersburg, Florida, confessed, "At age 53 I felt my sex life was over. Now at age 62 (nine years later), I've got it back! It really makes a difference!" 38-year-old Mary Rand of Thousand Oaks, California, replied, "Several months ago I suffered a severe head injury from a horseback riding accident. I thought I would never be the same. None of my doctors' medications or therapy seemed to work. As a last resort I agreed to test GH3, and I must tell you that it has made a big difference. Not only did it speed up my recovery, but I can honestly say that I feel better now than before the accident! This is a marvelous discovery!"

It seems like every movie star or famous person has been there at one time or another; Liz Taylor, Cary Grant, Onassis, Kirk Douglas, Marlene Dietrich, Prince Ranier, Sommerset Maugham, Charles DeGaulle, Sukarno, Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos, Stalin, Chairman Mao even John F. Kennedy, who went there for back treatments.

Made It A State Secret! Doctors in the U.S. and elsewhere were given samples to test - but not told the exact ingredients. Many scientists in various countries tried to duplicate it, but their formulas only worked about half as well, and some not at all.

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Posology and method of administration: Before starting the treatment with Gerovital H3 it is compulsory to test individual sensitivity to procaine, as follows: 1 ml from the injectable solution of Gerovital  H3 will be administered subcutaneously and after 24 hours the test should be repeated with 1.5 ml solution intramuscularly. If any allergic reaction occurs, the treatment is not recommended.


All products are manufactured in Europe (Romania) with the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008 for their originality and quality. Products are manufactured to high quality standards and are approved by authorized agencies.

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