Detoxifying mask with charcoal, Peel-Off - 100 ml

11.00 € EURO

Black Coal Detoxifying Mask, Peel-Off Aslavital Mineralactive has a filmogenic structure that acts synergistically with the coal in the composition and provides absorption, purification and detoxification properties .

Unique and original formula with 100% Natural Clay and Cobiodefender EMR.

Hypoallergenic product. Dermatologically tested


Black mask with activated charcoal is recommended p stockings purifying and detoxifying all skin types facing sensitivities and reactions to adverse environmental factors (UV radiation, pollution, urban pollution e), allergic reactions, redness, irritation, vessels prominent blood, dehydration, premature eruption.

Active Ingredients

Contains activated carbon, 100% natural clay and Cobiodefender EMR.

Way of ussage

The carbon black mask is applied in a uniform layer of medium thickness. After drying, the film is continuously removed from the chin to the forehead.

By removing the elastic film formed on the surface of the skin, dead cells and impurities are eliminated, helping to unlock the pores.


He purified and detoxified. Urban antistress protection.

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