Eye Contour Cream - Aslavital Mineralactiv, 15 ml

12.00 € EURO


Cream is a revolutionary 2 in 1 product that fights the wrinkles around the eyes and removes the signs of fatigue. Painted texture ensures concomitant skin care function and masking and correction of imperfections, giving skin a shine and luminous look.

Combination of the unique complex Natural Goji and Goji Organic Extract with Ferulic Acid, Rice Oil, Vitamins A and E and Calendula Oil, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The skin becomes smooth, velvety and luminous.


Apply by delicate, circular movements until it is fully absorbed. It is suitable for use both in the morning, before makeup and in the evening, after cleansing. The soft, smooth texture of the product, easy application and fast absorption are good reasons to appreciate Aslavital Mineralactive Eye Cream. Fatigue signs are tingled, and microcirculation is potent. The cream tube is fitted with an applicator, which makes it practically economical, at the same time. The formula rich in lauded ingredients, such as goji, natural clay and rice oil, is certainly a plus. The average price and superior quality recommend it. On the other hand, the cream does not hydrate as intense as it claims. The effect on wrinkles is medium, not recommended for deep, but rather for incipient ones. For formula rich in natural elements, without parabens and improved appearance, Aslavital Mineralactive cream for eye contours can prove to be an inspired acquisition.

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