Treatment of hair loss - 12 vials x 10 ml - Gerovital H3 Derma+

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Hair loss is on the list of problems faced by many people, both women and men, not a problem to be neglected when the amount of hair lost exceeds normal limits. Alopecia is due to many factors such as inadequate diet, vitamin deficiency, various illnesses, immune system disorders, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, inappropriate hair treatments (excessive dyeing, fading), stress, etc.

Hypoallergenic product.

No parabens.

Active Ingredients

Procapil, a biologically active complex of vitaminized matricin, apiginin and oleanolic acid, acts on the causes of alopecia (hair loss).

Biocapigene, a mixture of biologically active principles of botanical origin and biosynthesis, acts synergistically to eliminate all the causes that can lead to weakening the root of the hair, followed by its fall.

The Maca root extract is used to stimulate hair growth, prevent alopecia, and protect hair from endogenous and exogenous stress.

Way of ussage

The content of a ampoule is applied to the base of the wet hair after washing with Derma + Anti-Shampoo as follows: In the first week of 2-3 times, the next time max. 2 times a week until the hair loss improves, but not more than 3-4 months.

Treatment can resume after a 2-month break. Do not rinse.


Stops the excessive fall and stimulates the growth of healthy hair.

We do not recommend the use of balm or hair oil during treatment.

Please keep in mind that some hair loss is normal: a person can lose even 100 yarns in a day. This is natural and helps to regenerate hair. The alarm should only intervene when this figure is exceeded when the hair is punctured.

If the hairs are already in the fall state (which lasts between 2 and 4 months), they can no longer be saved. Active ingredients in products act on hair that is growing, strengthening the root and stimulating the healthy growth of hair.

Massive hair loss from the scalp can occur for various reasons, from hereditary predisposition, to certain diseases that prevent natural hair regeneration. We recommend consulting a specialist to perform the necessary analyzes and to indicate appropriate treatment, if it is a matter of an internal cause, products used outside will not be enough. Our products act on the outside, are cosmetic or dermatocosmetic treatment products.

We recommend dermatocosmetic treatment with anticoagulant treatment and anticancer shampoo in the presented situation. This treatment stops excessive falls, prevents alopecia and stimulates healthy hair growth. Active ingredients in products act on hair that is growing, strengthening the root and stimulating healthy growth.

Nutrition also plays an important role for beautiful hair and a healthy scalp. Our advice is to drink daily the amount of water you do not know and add fish, fruit and vegetables to the diet.