Ultraprotective cream SPF 50 - ASLAVITAL MINERALACTIV by Gerovital

18.99 € EURO

Urban antipollution shield effect

The cream has a light, non-comedogenic formula, a moisturizing texture, with no greasy effect. It prevents negative cutaneous effects of UVA radiations to which sensitive skins are extremely vulnerable and that lead to skin premature ageing. Moreover, it protects the skin against sun burns caused by UVB radiations.

The unique complex of natural Clay and organic Goji Berry extract energises the cells, regenerates, moisturizes and tonifies the skin. The daily protection against harmful effects of urban pollution and UV radiations is completed by the Rice Bran Oil, Ferulic Acid and Boswellia Serrata extract that reduce fine lines, wrinkles and pigment spots, increase skin elasticity, protect and soothe. The skin is moisturized, protected, soothed.

Apply in the morning after proper skin cleansing for daily protection against UV radiations and pollution.