Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan (1897-1988)

Ana Aslan (1897-1988) was a Romanian biologist and physician. She is considered to be a founding figure of gerontology and geriatrics in Romania. In 1952, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan, the Geriatric Institute in Bucharest was founded. This Institute was the first of its kind in Romania and was recognized by the World Health Organization.

The remainder of this page concerns a product marketed by Aslan. A thorough review of biomedical research literature shows no empirical or peer-reviewed evidence that this product, under any formulation, prevents or postpones any aspect of aging. Further, there is evidence that the pharmaceutical ingredients of this product pose the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular complications, as well as a risk of serious systemic allergic reactions.

The Gerovital H3 concept was introduced for the first time in 1957, in Verona, Italy, on the occasion of the 4th International Gerontology Congress. Many scientists from the USA , Germany , England , Japan , Italy , Austria and Romania have studied and confirmed the effects of the Gerovital H3 treatment suggested by Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan.[citation needed] In the 60’s the Gerovital H3 treatment became a scientific certitude (which, readers should note, is an oxymoron, though certainly pedantic enough to appear credible to consumers), a high value anti-aging treatment.[citation needed]

Notables such as French President Charles De Gaulle, U.S. President John F. Kennedy, West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong, and Vietnamese Chairman Ho Chi Minh have traveled to Romania to benefit this anti-aging therapy.[citation needed] Other well-known people, including actresses Marlene Dietrich, Lillian Gish, the Gabor sisters, actors Charlie Chaplin and Kirk Douglas, and artist Salvador Dali have also followed the same path.[[citation-needed}} They traveled to Bucharest, where Dr. Aslan did her research with Gerovital H3. Once discovered by these celebrities, Gerovital itself has become famous and is now used in over twenty countries around the world for its renowned anti-aging properties.[citation needed]

Ana Aslan’s research activity received many international distinctions, among which:

“Cross of Merit” – First Class of the Order of Merit , Germany ,1971
“Cavalier de la Nouvelle Europe” Prize Oscar , Italy , 1973
“Les Palmes Academiques”, France, 1974
“honorary Foreign Citizen and Honorary Professor of Sciences”, Philippines , 1978
“Member Honoris Causa” Diploma of the Bohemo-Slovakian Society of Gerontology, 1981
“Leon Bernard” Prize, important distinction granted by the World Health Organization upon nomination and endorsement by officials of a member state (in this case by the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu) for contributing to the development of gerontology and geriatrics, 1982
The Gerovital H3 was a revolutionary medicine and many people are trying nowadays to profit from its fame. They are using The "Gh3" or "Gerovital H3" name to sell some odd anti aging medicine.

The genuine recipe was only known by Ana Aslan. The drugs existing on the market today are made after the original medicine but are not directly related to Ana Aslan's medicine. They are only using the fame of the original name. Especially the ones produced outside Romania.

There are opinions against the positive effects of the drug, most of them based on the fact that drugs containing procaine, like the original GH3, are not approved by the FDA, but the FDA is well known for not approving many drugs with no real side effect.

Also besides the Gerovital H3 Medicine, Ana Aslan developed Anti Aging Cosmetics Lines. The original recipes for the preparation of the cosmetics are still respected today, by Farmec (Romanian Company) which received the rights from Ana aslan to produce the Gerovital Cosmetics.

The Gerovital cosmetics products include several lines for skin care, hair care, eyes care etc. Some of the cosmetics lines produced by Farmec after the original recipes of Ana Aslan: Gerovital H3, Gerovital Plant, Aslavital etc.

The Cosmetics do not have anything to do with the well known procaine drugs, are made of natural plant extracts, produced at high quality standards and are approved by all standards. (also approved by the FDA)